Sump Pump Systems Experts

SPK Plumbing specializes in sump pump repair or replacement. We can also install a battery back up on your current sump pump. Avoid your basement getting flooded. Call now for a free estimate! at (847) 984-0999!

A sump pump is generally found in a property’s sump pit, where it sits at the bottom of a sump pit. Usually, this sump pit has its own specific location- at the lowest point in the basement or in small crawl spaces in the property. So what is it that these sump pumps do? For starters, these small tools are used to remove water by pumping it to the nearest drain, well or detention pond. How are these machines triggered? When water finds its way onto broken pipes, for example, it is quickly taken into the sump pump. Through a float switch, the sump pump begins doing its work. While many people opt out of calling professionals to install and/or repair sump pumps, at SPK Plumbing we keep in mind that efficiency and cost are important factors. For that reason, we guarantee that our technicians are chosen from among the best in the industry- not to mention that our affordability is at the top as well.

When dealing with any sump pump problems you may be having, do not hesitate to call SPK Plumbing.